Are you a financial advisor looking to buy qualified equity release web leads? You’re in the right place! Here you will learn how to get the enquiries you need, straight to your inbox.

Do you have equity release leads for sale?

Yes, we do! Echo Ads can provide a range of different types of equity release customers, from people seeking standard equity release, to enhanced lifetime mortgage customers.

Each lead we source for you will be generated in real-time and sent directly to your inbox. They will be exclusive to you as we don’t sell leads to multiple advisors.

What type of leads are available?

The leads we can provide are sourced directly from Google searches related to equity release, so you can obtain customers from across the length and breadth of this market.

Echo Ads can provide you with equity release customers who are looking for:

  • Lifetime mortgages
  • Enhanced lifetime mortgages
  • Home reversion plans
  • Alternatives to equity release
  • Buy-to-let equity release
  • And much more

How we generate qualified equity release leads

All of our equity release leads are sourced through Google Ads, which allows us to tap into relevant search traffic from eligible customers who are in need of your help.

Every second, there are 2.3 million searches performed on Google and the majority of its search result pages include Google Ads. We design, optimise and manage bespoke campaigns to target scores of equity release customers on these pages.

Our ad campaigns typically include around 10,000 keywords and phrases related to equity release. We oversee these campaigns for you, so financial advisors who use our service don’t have to lift a finger while qualified leads build up in their inboxes.

How much will you be charged for these leads?

You will be billed for your daily Google Ad campaign spend (Google advertising) and for every genuine lead* generated (*see lead refund policy for more information).

We take a small ‘Lead Cost’ for every genuine equity release enquiry we take, starting at £80. We generate these enquiries for £40-60 in advertising costs (Google clicks).

Discounts are available through our rewards scheme, which offers reduced rates for customers who take multiple leads, depending on the volume they commit to.

What are the benefits of buying leads from Echo Ads?

There are many advantages of choosing Echo Ads for your equity release enquiries. Here are just some of the reasons why financial advisors turn to us for qualified lead generation.

  • We tailor our campaigns to generate the leads you want
  • We design, manage and optimise your campaign for you
  • You don’t need a website - leads go straight to your inbox
  • Leads are exclusive to you - we don’t sell them to multiple advisors



What other types of leads can you provide for me?

All kinds! In addition to equity release leads, we can also provide enquiries for customers who are looking for help with mortgages, protection insurance and bridging finance.

Can you provide equity release leads for advisors in London?

Yes. We generate leads for advisors all over the UK. If your preference is customers who are based in London or another specific location, we can accommodate this where possible.

What websites do you use to generate equity release enquiries?

We have a network of finance websites that our Google Ads campaigns send relevant customers to in real time. You can find out more about our brands here.

Do I need a website to take Echo Ads leads?

No. We use our own website to generate equity release leads for you, and will design, manage and optimise your campaign for you. All you need is an inbox for all those leads.

What lead information will be provided?

All customers are required to fill in their full name, phone number (at least one), email address and postcode. For equity release enquiries, there are additional fields they must fill in, including age of the youngest applicant, property value, and mortgage balance.

Where can I find out more about Echo Ads?

You can find out more about what we do and how we do it on our About Us page.

Got a question we haven’t covered here? Our FAQ section is a good place to start.





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