How are the leads generated? 

All leads are generated in real-time via Google Ad campaigns. All leads are exclusive to you, they are not sold to multiple buyers. We even include the customers IP address to confirm uniqueness.

What will I pay for?

You will be billed for ‘Advertising’ (like you would if you used Google directly) and you will be billed for a ‘Lead Cost’ for each genuine lead generated. That’s it.

How do we bill?

Echo Ads is a PAYG system, you load your account up with credit and the advertising/lead cost comes out of it, there is no contract.

What do the leads cost?

There is no set cost, however there are average costs based on over 150,000 leads generated to date. In reality, the cost of your leads will average out at these costs.

Is there a minimum order amount?

No. However we strongly suggest that you purchase at least 30-50 leads during your initial trial. This gives us/the system time to ‘average out’. There is a minimum top-up value of £250.

No leads generated but I still get a bill?

If you have a limited budget or a small area you want to generate leads in, you may have days where you are billed for ‘advertising’ and no leads are generated. This does happen and is completely normal, just remember to look at the average cost after at least 30-50 leads.

The first 48 hours

When you turn your leads on for the first time it can take Google up to 48 hours to ‘optimise’ your campaign. However, in most cases campaigns are ‘live’ within the hour.

Location targeting & Lead Schedule 

When you turn your leads on, we suggest you cover as big an area as possible and have your lead scheduled to be as much as possible. Small areas and restricted times can affect the level of leads and may increase the average advertising cost per lead.


Echo Ads is a self-service platform. Everything can be actioned by you. This includes:

Turning lead on/off when you choose

Applying for refunds

Choosing locations you want to target

Choosing your daily advertising budget

Setting your lead schedule

Which email addresses & mobile numbers (sms) you want your lead details sent to

Topping up your account

Amending your/your company details

SEO Leads

These are leads where the customer has found our website via SEO e.g. not via an Ad. These are priced at a set cost and no advertising is charged on them. They can be excellent value, however they are only available on a nationwide basis. SEO leads need to be turned on/off manually as no lead schedule is available on them.

Refund Policy

It is extremely important you read and understand the ‘Lead Refund Policy’. It is black & white and there are no grey areas. If it’s on the list, we will refund you, if it’s not, we won’t.

Minimum Pre-Payment balance

For your account to be active, your balance must be above £25.

Please call 0333 012 4004 if you require any help with your account.

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